DATE: July 21, 2000

FROM: Barry McVay, CPCM

SUBJECT: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Supplement (NFS); Acquisition Planning

SOURCE: Federal Register, July 21, 2000, Vol. 65, No. 141, page 45305

AGENCIES: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

ACTION: Final Rule

SYNOPSIS: NASA is amending the NFS to include additional circumstances when NASA field installations are required to identify certain acquisitions through the Master Buy Plan (MBP) process; to add NASA's policy regarding the use of the structured approach for developing profit or fee when contracting with non-profit organizations (it was mistakenly removed); and to make editorial corrections and miscellaneous changes dealing with NASA internal and administrative matters.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 21, 2000.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Bruce King, NASA Headquarters Office of Procurement, Program Operations Division (Code HS), Washington, DC 20546, 202-358-0461, e-mail: bruce.king@hq.nasa.gov.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: This final rule makes changes in four areas:

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Barry McVay at 703-451-5953 or by e-mail to BarryMcVay@FedGovContracts.com.

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