DATE: August 2, 2001

SUBJECT: Executive Order 13221, Energy Efficient Standby Power Devices

SOURCE: Federal Register; August 2, 2001, Vol. 66, No. 149 page 40569

AGENCIES: The President

ACTION: Issuance of Executive Order

SYNOPSIS: On July 31, 2001, President Bush issued Executive Order 13221 directing agencies to purchase electrical products that use no more than one watt in their standby power consuming mode.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 31, 2001.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Executive Order 13221 applies to purchases of "commercially available, off-the-shelf products that use external standby power devices, or that contain an internal standby power function..." Agencies are to purchase products "that use no more than one watt in their standby power consuming mode. If such products are not available, agencies shall purchase products with the lowest standby power wattage while in their standby power consuming mode. Agencies shall adhere to these requirements, when life-cycle cost-effective and practicable and where the relevant product's utility and performance are not compromised as a result."

The Department of Energy, in consultation with the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration, is to compile "a preliminary list of products to be subject to these requirements" by December 31, 2001, and annually afterwards. "The Department of Energy shall finalize the list and may remove products deemed inappropriate for listing."

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