DATE: December 26, 2002

SUBJECT: Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR); Centralized Field Reproduction Services

SOURCE: Federal Register, December 26, 2002, Vol. 67, No. 248, page 78731

AGENCIES: Office of Governmentwide Policy, GSA

ACTION: Final Rule

SYNOPSIS: GSA is removing FPMR Subpart 101-5.2, Centralized Field Reproduction Services, since all GSA reproduction facilities were transferred to the Department of Defense in 1998.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The FPMR is Chapter 101 of Title 41 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and it is available at http://policyworks.gov/org/main/mv/fmr/index.htm.

EFFECTIVE DATE: December 26, 2002.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Theodore Freed, Printing and Forms Division (CAP), 202-501-0492.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: In January 1998, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) signed a determination letter transferring all GSA reproduction facilities to the Defense Automated Printing Service (DAPS). As a result of this transfer and further review by GSA's Office of Legal Counsel, GSA has concluded that FPMR Subpart 101-5.2 should be deleted.

If, in the future, GSA issues regulations regarding centralized field reproduction services, they will be issued in the Federal Management Regulation (FMR). The FMR replaces the FPMR and is written in plain language to provide agencies with updated regulatory material that is easy to read and understand. The FMR is Chapter 102 of Title 41 of the CFR, and it is also available at http://policyworks.gov/org/main/mv/fmr/index.htm.

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