DATE: January 19, 2005

SUBJECT: Federal Management Regulation (FMR) Amendment 2005-02; Deletion of Interagency Reports Management Program

SOURCE: Federal Register, January 19, 2005, Vol. 70, No. 12, page 3131

AGENCIES: Office of Governmentwide Policy, General Services Administration (GSA)

ACTION: Final Rule

SYNOPSIS: GSA is deleting FMR 102-195, Interagency Reports Management Program, because agencies now share information electronically, so its requirements no longer serve a useful purpose.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The FMR is Chapter 102 of Title 41 of the CFR. The FMR is available at http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/programView.do?pageTypeId=8199&ooid=14205&programPage=%2Fep%2Fprogram%2FgsaDocument.jsp&programId=8922&channelId=-14864.

EFFECTIVE DATE: January 19, 2005.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: David Pritzker, Regulatory Information Service Center (MI), at 202-482-7340.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Since 1973, when almost all reporting was done on paper and was relatively labor-intensive, GSA has had an Interagency Reports Management Program which has governed reporting requirements imposed by a federal agency on one or more other federal agencies. The program’s regulations provided a system of oversight and approval that included a procedure for advance approval by GSA of proposed interagency reporting requirements, assignment of GSA control numbers and expiration dates, and maintenance of an inventory of approved interagency reporting requirements. Agencies were asked to refrain from responding to non-approved reporting requirements and to inform GSA of any such requests.

On September 20, 2001, GSA substantially revised its regulations for the Interagency Reports Management Program by eliminating the requirement for agencies to obtain GSA's approval before initiating an interagency report (see the September 20, 2001, FEDERAL CONTRACTS DISPATCHFederal Management Regulation (FMR); Records, Interagency Reports, and Forms Management Programs”). The revision was intended to let agencies take advantage of information technology to obtain the information they need to accomplish their missions. However, the revised regulations in FMR Part 102-195 still required agencies to conduct an annual review of the reporting requirements they impose on other agencies to assure they are still necessary; to submit certain data to GSA and other agencies, if requested; to notify GSA when a report is no longer needed; and to submit to GSA every three years cost information and other details about all reporting requirements they impose upon other agencies.

With the development of electronic information technology and the emphasis on electronic information sharing among agencies, retention of even the reduced requirements of the 2001 rules imposes an unnecessary burden on agencies that seems to have minimal benefit, if any. Therefore, this final rule deletes FMR Part 102-195.

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