DATE: February 28, 2005

SUBJECT: Federal Travel Regulation (FTR); eTravel Initiative

SOURCE: Federal Register, February 28, 2005, Vol. 70, No. 38, page 9655

AGENCIES: Office of Governmentwide Policy, General Services Administration (GSA)

ACTION: Notice

SYNOPSIS: GSA is requiring all agencies that did not award a task order to an eTravel Service (eTS) vendor by December 31, 2004, to submit a justification for missing the deadline, and to request that GSA grant an exception from the eTS implementation requirement.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For more on the eTS initiative implementation, see the December 22, 2003, FEDERAL CONTRACTS DISPATCHFederal Travel Regulation (FTR) Amendment 2003-07; eTravel Service (eTS).”

DATES: This notice is effective February 28, 2005 and expires when all agencies have fully migrated to the eTS.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Tim Burke, Office of Governmentwide Policy (MTT), General Services Administration, 1800 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20405; 703-872-8611; e-mail: timothy.burke@gsa.gov.

SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: On December 22, 2003, GSA amended the FTR to implement the eTS. FTR 301-73.2, What are our responsibilities as participants in the federal travel management program?, and FTR 301-73.100, Must we require employees to use the eTravel Service?, require that all agencies subject to the FTR (with the exception of the Department of Defense and the government of the District of Columbia) award a task order to an eTS vendor no later than December 31, 2004, and fully migrate to eTS agency-wide no later than September 30, 2006. (EDITOR’S NOTE: The authorized eTS vendors are CW Government Travel, EDS Corporation, and Northrup Grummann Mission Systems.)

All major agencies met the December 31, 2004, date to select an eTS vendor except for the following three: the Department of Education, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the Social Security Administration.

This notice states, “Each agency that encountered a delay with its eTS acquisition and has not yet implemented eTS as required under the FTR must submit a request for an exception to the Administrator of General Services, 1800 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 20405, for consideration of approval. The request must include a complete justification outlining why you need an extension and the date when your agency will award a task order or will agree to be cross-serviced by a franchise organization. Please submit your request and supporting information no later than March 30, 2005.”

GSA continues its notice with the following: “To ensure compliance with the requirement to completely migrate to eTS by September 30, 2006, all agencies subject to the FTR...should target full migration to eTS no later than June 30, 2006. GSA is committed to helping agencies achieve a smooth and successful transition to eTS by assisting you in effectively determining your eTS strategy, selecting an eTS vendor and awarding a task order, and executing your agency-wide migration to eTS. Working together in a collaborative partnership, we can ensure timely success of this very important Presidential initiative.”

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